Welcome to dBase, theBASE™ for all things data! We are excited about the new products and services that we continue bring to the market. dBASE™ PLUS 11.3 the newest dBASE™ product to be released and focused on making development of dBASE™ programs easier and faster than ever before. In addition, other new products like dbDOS™ PRO 6 which now allows record locking across the network. In addition to those great products we also have updates to the latest dbfUtilities™ (dbfExport™ 3, dbfImport™ 2, dbfInspect™ and dbfCompare™). Learn all about them below:
dBASE™ PLUS 11.3

dBASE™ PLUS 11.3 creates modern data driven applications that touch with new support for both gestures for common Windows controls and better tablet support. The introduction of dmASSIST™ technology makes building and modifying Data Modules easier. dBASE™ PLUS 11.3 introduces new functionality with stronger support for working with data output, application generation, and improved web support with dmOutput™, dmC.R.U.D.™ and dmWEB™. The new dBASE™ PLUS 11.3 gives new tools to the developer to get their job done and get it done right, regardless if it is a Windows application on a tablet or running as a web application.

dbDOS™ PRO 6

The new dbDOS™ PRO 6 is 33% faster than before and has been optimized to make it the easiest way for developers and end-users to continue to use MS-DOS / DOS based programs on the latest and greatest Windows Operating System hardware and software. The new dbDOS™ PRO 6 introduces a series of optimizations that can increase the overall speed by almost 50%.

In addition, dbDOS™ PRO 6 introduces new and updated look and feel that makes developing configuration easier. The advanced DOS Virtual Machine (VM) that enables the DOS-based application to run on the latest and greatest hardware and software just as they did on older DOS machines.

This is an incredible way for individuals and companies to save time and money. Now users of dbDOS™ PRO 6 can run stand-alone or with network based programs. They can deploy their existing DOS-based dBASE applications on almost any hardware and Microsoft® Windows® Operating System (Vista, 2008, 7, 2012, 10, and 2016) 64-bit editions. This is done without changing any of the existing programs or applications.

dbfExport 3

dbfUtilities™ are a brand new set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with .dbf files. The original makers of the famed dBASE™ product line create these new utilities to make working with .dbf files as easy as possible

SQL Utilities™

SQL Utilities™ are a brand new set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with SQL databases. Managing database tables should not always require sophisticated technical skills.



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