Welcome to dBase, theBASE™ for all things data! We are excited about the new products and services that we continue bring to the market. dBASE™ PLUS 11.1 the newest dBASE™ product to be released and focused on making development of dBASE™ programs easier and faster than ever before. In addition, other new products like dbDOS™ PRO 5+N which now allows record locking across the network. In addition to those great products we also have updates to the latest dbfUtilities™ (dbfExport™ 2, dbfImport™, dbfInspect™, dbfCompare™ and dbfExplorer™). Learn all about them below:
dBASE™ PLUS 11.1

dBASE™ PLUS 11.1 creates modern data driven applications that touch with new support for both gestures for common Windows controls and better tablet support. The introduction of dmASSIST™ technology makes building and modifying Data Modules easier. dBASE™ PLUS 11.1 introduces new functionality with stronger support for working with data output, application generation, and improved web support with dmOutput™, dmC.R.U.D.™ and dmWEB™. The new dBASE™ PLUS 11.1 gives new tools to the developer to get their job done and get it done right, regardless if it is a Windows application on a tablet or running as a web application.

dbDOS™ PRO 5+N

dbDOS™ PRO 5+N is the next generation of DOS support on the Windows® 64-bit operating systems. dbDOS™ PRO 5+N does not care if your DOS applications are stand-alone or networked, dbDOS™ works the same way regardless of DOS application type. Simply put, dbDOS™ PRO 5+N is the fastest way to DOS on Windows®.

dbfExport 2

dbfUtilities™ are a brand new set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with .dbf files. The original makers of the famed dBASE™ product line create these new utilities to make working with .dbf files as easy as possible

SQL Utilities™

SQL Utilities™ are a brand new set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with SQL databases. Managing database tables should not always require sophisticated technical skills.



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