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Aug 22

Introducing the new dbDOS™ PRO 2

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Upgrade NOW to DOUBLE the speed of your dbDOS™ apps! dbDOS™ PRO 2 does more of what you have come to expect from dbDOS™, and it does it a whole lot faster. The new dbDOS™ PRO 2 is based on an updated core technology that has proven to be 100% faster than anything we have seen on previous versions of dbDOS™. Add that to a completely redesigned configuration manager, and you cannot only manage your dBASE apps more effectively, but they will be able to run complex tasks more efficiently. “dbDOS™ PRO 2 has been tested against nearly fifty different real world dBASE apps that represent a wide range of complexity. It truly is a MUST have for anybody using DOS based dBASE products,” say Mike Rozlog – CEO of dBase. “Not only is dbDOS™ PRO 2 100% faster, it has better overall support for DOS based products, and adds new support for interacting with Windows to DOS, and DOS to Windows, communications. This takes our support for DOS based products to the next level.” dbDOS™ PRO 2 adds a number of updates, features, and innovations including updated support for Windows® 8, 2012, 7, 8, 2008, Vista, 2003, and XP. This will help keep dBASE apps running well into the future.
  • Improved Memory Management System that does not require additional 3rd Party memory managers which reduces the hardware conflicts
  • Reliably copy information from Windows into dbDOS™ VM clipboard
  • Reengineered technique that allows one to paste information from dbDOS™ VM into the Windows OS clipboard
  • Enhanced print screen functionality makes it easier than ever to quickly create a record of what you are doing in your dBASE app
  • Updated dbDOS™ configuration utility makes it easier to create, update, and manage multiple dbDOS™ configurations
The original release of dbDOS™ back in May of 2012 was very well received, especially for its ability to run on new machines and print out old reports on new printers. Since that time, we have heard from many dBASE app developers about what works and what does not work for them. All of this valuable information on how people interact with dbDOS™ has culminated into dbDOS™ PRO 2.0. The one issue that everybody always wanted was increased speed. With the new dbDOS™ PRO 2, the speed increase is really noticeable with Re-Indexing, Indexing, and heavy processing routine, so much so, that on most machines the speed is a 100% faster. In order to keep the cost of dbDOS™ PRO 2 as low as possible, we have dropped support for dbDOS™ 1.x product. The upgrade cost for dbDOS™ PRO 2 is $99 USD and new licenses are available for $149.00 USD. Discounts available for individual orders of 10 licenses or greater. Quotes are available upon request. As per our policy, anyone who purchased dbDOS™ 1.x in the last 30 days will receive a license free of charge. An email with the details will be sent in the next 2 business days. BUY NOW! Upgrade to dbDOS™ PRO 2 for $99 (USD) or you can purchase a new license of dbDOS™ PRO 2 for $149 (USD) and it comes with a 15-day money back offer! If you have DOS based products, you need dbDOS™ PRO 2!
Aug 06

dbfExport is the easiest way to export your dBASE data ever!

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

First application in the new line of dbfUtilities! dbfExport™ is a brand new utility to help make the job of working with dBASE database files (.dbf) a little easier. It is the first of a new set of utilities that will focus on working with dBASE tables. The goal is to make the job of working with dBASE data easier for everybody. The new dbfExport™ can convert dBASE data from .dbf files to CSV, Microsoft® Excel, or XML in three easy steps. “The new dBase, LLC is focused on providing products that help people work with data. The new dbfExport™ is a Windows® based utility that makes it very simple to export your data into common formats that people use every day,” said Mike Rozlog CEO. “This is the first and most requested utility and will be part of a family of utilities that will be introduced over the coming weeks, under the banner of dbfUtilities™.” Using it is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!
  • Select either a BDE Alias or a specific .dbf file on your hard drive.
  • Choose your output format, CSV, Microsoft Excel, or XML.
  • Press the Export button to begin the export.

The new dbfExport™ is available NOW through the dBASE store and is priced at $19.95 USD Watch this video for an overview of dbfExport™ in action.
Jul 25

The dBASE PLUS 8.1 Update Speaks Your Language

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

dBASE PLUS 8 has already been well received by a truly global customer base. The dBASE product generates just over forty percent of gross revenue from international sales. dBASE PLUS 8 continues to provide valuable tools that developers, business analysts, and users from around the world have come to depend on each and every day.

The new dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO is here! Now German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish speaking customers can use dBASE PLUS 8.1 in their native language. dBase, LLC introduced a brand new updated and upgraded dBASE back in March, and today we are proud to announce the new dBASE PLUS 8.1 version.

We are very excited to be offering such a significant release in the same calendar year as dBASE PLUS 8.0 What makes version 8.1 so great? Well a few things. First, this new release adds some significant new functionality for the dBASE product that the community has been requesting.

  • Locale Language Support (German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Enhanced ActiveX and Extern system support
  • Completely new internal graphics engine
  • Updated Components and Menus
  • *New BDE Alias wizard

In addition to the new features, the 8.1 release also includes all the fixes and updates found in 8.0 through, plus, we have fixed another round of reported issues with this release as well.

To remind everyone of our upgrade policy, dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO is a MAJOR RELEASE, which means ALL upgrades to dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO have to be purchased unless your purchase of dBASE PLUS 2.8 fell within the 30-day grace period of the March 19th release date.

If you have installed the Trial, then please use this link to download the update:

For a complete list of all of the issues that were fixed in dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO check:

We hope you like what you see. Purchase a new license of dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO here for $399.00 USD, or purchase the upgrade of dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO here for $299.00 USD. Purchase the dBASE PLUS 8.1 Personal Edition* here for $199.00 USD.

We told you this was a new dBase, now we need all of you that are sitting on the fence to BUY NOW! This is a great opportunity to get the latest and greatest in dBASE application development and there is no better time than now.

Again, we appreciate your feedback regarding dBASE PLUS 8 and are committed to making dBASE a platform worth your time and investment well into the future. We are listening to you and we do care.

Michael Rozlog CEO of dBase LLC *Personal Edition does not include ADO.
Jun 26

Declare Your Independence from your old version of dBASE!

By dbasellc | Newsroom , Promotions

As we celebrate Independence Day in the United States, we’re offering you the opportunity to free yourself from your old version of dBASE! Starting Monday June 24th starting at 12:00AM EDT, you can save:

Twenty percent (20%) on the dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO Full Edition* • Ten percent (10%) on the dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO Upgrade Edition*.

In addition, if you need the CLASSIC™ dBASE products including dbDOS™ and dBASE CLASSIC™ there is no better time to purchase, than NOW!.

• Get the dBASE CLASSIC Bundle with CD and Doc* for an incredible $199.99 USD • Get the dBASE CLASSIC Bundle* for $159.99 USD during this summer classic sale.

Just use the promotional code “dFREEDOM” when you check out to take advantage of this sale*. For more information about dBASE™ PLUS 8 with ADO, or to purchase any of our products, visit us at or call (607) 729-0960. Thank you for your continued support of dBase!
*Discounted prices are available only for purchases made starting at 12:00AM EDT on Monday June 24th 2013 and ending on Sunday July 7th 2013 at 11:59PM EDT.
Apr 09

dBase Launches for On-Demand, Hassle-Free Data

By dBaseGeoffrey | News Releases , Newsroom

dBase, LLC today introduced dBaseDATA™, an online service that provides access to a wide variety of trusted datasets that have been produced by some of the world’s leading organizations, governments and statistical data warehouses. dBaseDATA provides data that is timely and essential to give organizations a more complete data landscape, and ultimately make more informed business decisions. Businesses need current data in formats they can consume. dBase has built a revolutionary system for obtaining publically available data, analyzing it, categorizing it and then producing it in the most needed formats, including SQLLite, DBF and XLS. Other formats may be added based on customer need. “Today the term big data means a lot of different things. Regardless of the definition, the underlying challenge isn’t that organizations have too much or too little data, it’s that they don’t have complete data, which makes it difficult to leverage the data in ways that can positively impact their business,” said Mike Rozlog, president and CEO of dBase, LLC. “With dBaseDATA we’re filling in the blanks. The new service enables organizations to easily augment their existing data landscape, and turn this combined data into actionable information. This gives organizations a more complete information chain to make contextual, critical decisions in a timely manner.” In most cases, looking for data, determining if the data is relevant and then transforming the data into a useful format takes days, if not weeks, of work for one or more people. dBaseDATA can help turn data into actionable information in hours or minutes. dBaseDATA datasets can be leveraged in three primary ways:
  • Augmentation – In this instance, the dataset is uploaded and inserted into existing databases and used alongside existing information to enhance queries.
  • Research – A timely research effort may require additional data to make a key decision clearer. In such instances, the user may need to know something that one particular dataset contains, either as a straight lookup value or derived as a calculated value.
  • Lookup – In addition to enhanced research and analysis, sometimes options must be presented to the users who access the applications and solutions already created. This could be by adding depth, relative information or by shortening the time a user takes to input data by providing more meaningful drop-down values.
dBaseDATA is an integral part of the dBase strategy of being the Base™ for all things data. dBaseDATA defines a new area in data and database management with the introduction of data augmentation – on-demand, hassle-free data, when it’s needed and how it’s needed. Pricing and Availability Pricing per dataset ranges from $9.95 to $499, depending on the size and complexity of the dataset. Current datasets offered include financial, demographic, population, crime and lookup data. Additional datasets will be added frequently. dBase can also create custom datasets. For more information or to search available datasets, visit
Mar 19

dBase, LLC Unveils New Version of Legendary dBASE Database Management System

By dBaseGeoffrey | News Releases , Newsroom

dBase, LLC today announced dBASE PLUS 8, the latest version of the legendary dBASE™ database management system. Recognized as the world’s first widely used desktop data management system, dBASE remains one of the most popular software titles. The new dBASE PLUS 8 version offers users a variety of new features to increase user productivity, including Microsoft Windows® 8 compatibility, ADO connectivity and a more modern user interface.

Additional key features of dBASE PLUS 8 include:

  • The addition of Windows 8 and Server 2012 platforms to ensure dBASE applications continue running on the latest operating systems
  • Expanded connectivity with ADO support which offers integration through a series of custom components, connections and UDL support
  • A new user interface design that includes stylish application themes within the tool, along with a series of new Glyfx icons and graphics, backgrounds and textures
  • Enhanced developer features with support for callbacks and the ability to perform high precision math
  • A redesigned SQL builder to construct more complex SQL statements using drag and drop interaction
  • Several new ActiveX components that extend ADO connectivity
  • Enhanced project navigation, a new project explorer and a revised help system to increase speed and efficiency

Since its inception, the dBASE brand has always been about making the task of working with data easier for everyone to understand,” said Mike Rozlog, president, and CEO of dBase, LLC. “Our goal with this release was to further deliver on that premise by listening to our customers’ needs and implementing new functionality that directly addresses their current pain points.

Created in 1981, dBASE is still used by millions of software developers and others in Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide. dBase, LLC was created in 2012 by a group of investors, experienced technology leaders and former employees of dataBased Intelligence, Inc. (dBI), a privately-held company that had been the legal heir to the dBASE database management system. As guardian of the dBASE brand, dBase, LLC is committed to revitalizing its flagship product while also delivering a new generation of data solutions to help small- and medium-sized businesses, work teams and individuals transform data into actionable information.

Pricing and Availability

The price for dBASE PLUS 8 is $399 for new users and $299 to upgrade from existing dBASE products. The Personal edition without ADO support is $199. The new version of dBASE continues to support forward compatibility features, including dBASE, Paradox, and other data sources, the advanced runtime features, and the ability to package the product with the updated Project Manager.

Jan 02

dBase, LLC announces strategic partnership with glyFX

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Today, dBase, LLC CEO Mike Rozlog and Managing Director of glyFX Matt Price, announced the signing of their global strategic partnership agreement for all data developers, analysts, and key decision makers that utilize any of dBase, LLC’s products. This partnership will greatly enhance the build quality and adoption of solutions currently under development. glyFX is the provider of high quality professional graphics including images for cutting-edge user interface design. Their toolbar and icon graphic sets will be available for dBase customers to use with the upcoming major release of dBASE. These graphics will help users create or update existing applications with a professional and modern user interface. “This is the first step in our commitment to evolve and improve the dBASE product line,” said Mike Rozlog CEO of dBASE. “dBASE will be going through an evolution over the coming months and years, and a modernization to the look and feel is only the beginning. We believe that glyFX is a key provider of great looking graphics and those graphics can be used by our customers as well as by ourselves.” “glyFX are proud to be assisting a well known and trusted brand like dBase, and we look forward to helping dBase and its customers enhance the user interface for their software solutions, making their software easier to use and improving the end user experience,” Matt Price, Managing Director of glyFX commented. “We have a wide variety of stock products that can quickly inserted into these solutions but we are also available for customized solutions if dBase users require these services”. By combining both leading data analysis and solutions with professionally crafted graphics, our users and customers will be getting a better experience using both products together. In addition, glyFX has additional graphics sets available for our customers to take advantage of to make their applications really look great.