Compiling Visual FoxPro Source Code

Q: Can dBASE compile Visual FoxPro source code?

A: Most of the old XBASE commands that run on VFP will also run on dBASE except in cases where FoxPro diverged from the dBASE syntax or invented new syntax.

However, the newer object oriented features in VFP, such as Forms, Entryfields, PushButton's etc are very different from the equivalent dBASE features.

At this time there are no conversion tools available to convert from VFP to dBASE Plus.

However, we have compiled 3 text files that show how Visual FoxPro commands map to dBASE Plus. They can be downloaded in a zip file here:

VFP2dBMatchingCmd.txt - contains a list of VFP commands whose names map to exact or nearly exact dBASE Plus equivalents
VFP2dBEquivCmd.txt - contains a list of VFP commands that can be handled differently in dBASE Plus. The second column shows how to look for the dBASE Plus equivalent.
VFP2dBNoMatch.txt - contains a list of VFP commands that do not have a close equivalent in dBASE Plus.

Some of these items can be replicated in dBASE by using add-on libraries or by custom coding.
There are many properties, methods & events that are not yet included in these lists. So consider this a first pass.