'Blob or memo file is corrupt' error

Q: How do I get my table to open when I keep getting 'blob or memo file is corrupt' error trying to open level 7 table?

A: In the DUFLP library there is a utility that is used to make a copy of the table and all 'intact' data so there is minimal loss of data.

1 - copy DUFLP libarary files to a folder on local hard drive (C:\DUFLP)
2 - make sure there is a source Alias called DUFLP pointing to this folder
3 - In Command Window ...

4 - a dialog will come up explaining....
-- A new table (FIXED.DBF) was created with the available data
-- corrupted fields have been excluded from FIXED.DBF
-- A list of these fields have been included in the log CORRUPT.TXT

NOTE: the files that are in use in this process are FixDbf7.prg, BFile.cc, dBF7File.cc