Error: 'Registry entry missing or access denied'

Q: Why do I get Error - 'Registry entry is missing or access denied' when trying to run my .exe.

A: If this error occurs when trying to run an .exe ......

It may be that the PLUSrun.exe needs to be re-installed or the Registry Entry should be checked.

1 - make sure there is a PLUSrun.exe installed.
If dBASE Plus was installed to the default folder (C:\Program Files\dBASE) you will find the runtime files here ...
(C:\Program Files\dBASE\PLUS\Runtime)

2 - Check to make sure that the following runtime files do exist ...
PLUSr_xx.dll (xx will be en for English - or other letters for another language)
plusrun.exe.manifest (Not necessary but, used for XP display Is necessary for Vista)

--- The two .dll files and the .exe are all mandatory to run a dBASE plus compiled .exe ---

3 - If all or some of these files do not exist ... you may need to re-install the dBASE Plus runtime files.

4 - If these files do exist ... you should check your RuntimePath registry entry. The path should be the same as the PLUSrun.exe path.
The RuntimePath registry entry is usually found here in the registry ...(\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\dBASE\PLUS\series1)

5 - If you do not see the registry entry and cannot modify the registry you can also just copy the above listed Runtime files to the same path where your application's .exe file is.
For example, If your .exe is here .... C:\MyApp\MyApp.exe
You can copy the runtime files and save them here C:\MyApp

This will work because when an .exe created by dBASE runs, it first checks the current path for any runtime files. Then if no runtime files exist in the current dir., the RuntimePath registry entry is checked to find the runtime files.