How to run dBASE in Vista WITHOUT the use of Manifest files.

Q: How to use dBASE in Vista WITHOUT the use of manifest files?

A: dBASE can be run in Vista without the manifest files by using the .exe properties setting 'Run as Administrator'. Setting the application to run with Administrator privileges will allow existing dBASE, dQuery and BDE Admin executables to run properly.

Instructions ...

Right click plus.exe (Default folder is C:\Program Files\dBASE\PLUS\BIN)
- Choose 'Properties'
- under the 'Compatibility' tab .. 'Privilege Level' setting
- click on the checkbox next to 'Run this program as an administrator' to turn it on.

Right click bdeadmin.exe (Default folder is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland\BDE)
(follow instructions for plus.exe)

Right click plusrun.exe (Default folder is C:\Program Files\dBASE\PLUS\Runtime)
(follow instructions for plus.exe)

After setting the properties, when you run dBASE Plus, you will now get a UAC (User Access Control) dialog asking you to continue running the application as an administrator. If you are logged into the OS under an account that does not have Administrator privileges you will be asked to provide an Administrator password to continue opening the application.