Cannot open Source Editor in Vista or Windows 7 64bit OS

dBASE Plus 2.61.5 is not certified to run fully on 64 bit Vista or Windows 7.
The main problem that we are aware of is that, in some cases, attempting to start the Source Editor triggers a Memory Access Violation.

There are two current workarounds for this issue:

OPTION 1 - Set dBASE Plus to run in compatibility mode for Windows 98 and WIndows Me. This option prevents the Source Editor from crashing.
However, support for Visual Styles is disabled.
Forms and controls will use the older version 5 controls that were available prior to Windows XP.

Step-by-Step Instructions

There are 3 files that you must setup the compatibility mode for as follows:
\Program Files (x86)\dBASE\Plus\Bin\plus.exe
\Program Files (x86)\dBASE\Plus\Bin\plusdebug.exe
\Program Files (x86)\dBASE\Plus\Runtime\plusrun.exe

1. Double click on the "Computer" desktop icon (or select "Computer" from the Windows Vista 64 Start Menu).

2. Double click the C: drive (or the drive on which you installed dBASE Plus).

3. Locate and double click on the "Program Files (x86)" folder and contine drilling down in this way on "dBASE", and on the "Bin" folder.

4. Locate Plus.exe and right click on it.

5. From the right click menu choose "Properties"

6. Click on the "Compatibility" tab

7. Click on the checkbox labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode for" so that it becomes checked.

8. From the next control (a combobox), select "Windows 98 / Windows Me"

9. Click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the dialog.

Repeat these steps for the dBASE Debugger (plusdebug.exe) and for the dBASE Runtime Engine (plusrun.exe).
However for plusrun.exe you must be sure to look in the \Runtime folder instead of the \Bin folder.

OPTION 2 - Designate an alternate editor for dBASE to use instead of the built-in Source Editor.
Here are the steps to configure dBASE Plus to use a third party editor.
You can do this via the Desktop Properties dialog.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Click on the Properties Menu Bar and then select Desktop Properites.

Click on the Files tab. Locate the "Editor" box in the upper right section of the dialog.

Click on the "External Source Editor" field.
Enter the path and filename of an external editor to use.
Click on the tool button to the right of this field to open a Choose Source Editor dialog.
Navigate to the drive, folder, and executable that you wish to use as a Source Editor.

Any text editor can be used such as Windows NotePad.exe.

After choosing executable, click Open to select it.

Back in "Desktop Properties" dialog click Apply and then click OK.

You will be notified that you must restart dBASE Plus for your change to take effect.

Other solutions:
- You can install 32 bit Vista on your computer either in place of 64 bit Vista OR in addition to 64 bit Vista.
- Install Windows XP or 32 bit Vista to run under a virtual environment such as MS Virtual PC or VMWare's virtual environment. ========================================================================