Using old and new dBASE applications

Q: When migrating from older versions of dBASE to the current 32bit OODML version is it possible to use both applications at the same time (old and new) while migrating?

A: Yes, to keep working working with old applications and develop new applications getting and modifying information from old tables and indexes...
The current release of dBase Plus will bring these older tables in with no programming or migration.
Both applications can be used at the same time. If your application creates new tables or modifies the structure of an existing table you need to set the BDE table level to the appropriate level (III, IV or V).

Steps to set default BDE table level.
- Open the BDE Administrator - Click on the Configuration tab
- Click on Drivers | Native | DBASE .
- Change the table level for dBASE to 3, 4 or 5