How to use Vista Manifest files with dBASE or dQuery

Q: How to use Vista manifest files with dBASE or dQuery?

A: Both dBASE Plus and dQuery can be run successfullly on Vista by installing an application manifest file that contains the appropriate requestedExecutionLevel setting. The BDE Administrator must also have a manifest file installed for it to run on Vista.

These manifest files contain additional settings as compared with the ones distributed automatically with dBASE Plus 2.61.x and dQuery 3.xx for XP.
(NOTE: make sure when adding the new manifest files for Vista, you overwrite the already existing manifest file that was distributed with the application.)

Generally, setting requestedExecutionLevel to requireadministrator (Administrator Rights) will allow existing dBASE, dQuery and BDE Admin executables to run properly.

All Manifest files must be installed in the same folder as the executable it is intended for.

The 'Administrator rights' manifest files for dBASE can be found here :

Save the bdeadmin.exe.manifest file in the same folder as the bdeadmin.exe file
(Default folder is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland\BDE)

Save the plus.exe.manifest file in the same folder as the plus.exe file |
(Default folder is C:\Program Files\dBASE\PLUS\BIN)

Save the plusrun.exe.manifest file in the same folder as the plusrun.exe file
(Default folder is C:\Program Files\dBASE\PLUS\Runtime)

(Also, it is recommended that you re-boot your computer after adding the manifest files)