Visual dBASE 5.x and Windows 7

Notes on running 16 bit versions of dBASE on Windows 7

For 32 bit Windows 7
- 32 bit Windows 7 is able to run 16 bit Windows applications such as Visual dBASE 5.7.
- Visual dBASE 5.7:
  Does not support long path names (used in XP, Vista, and Windows 7)
  Does not support UAC rules and may have to be run with Administrator privileges and/or with one of the Windows compatibility modes.

If NOT run with Administrator privileges:
Windows 7 may create user specific *virtual* copies of any files or registry entries that dBASE or your application attempts to write to such as plus.ini, your application .ini, and any other data files installed under the Program Files folder as well as the BDE's config file and registry settings.

Any changes made to these virtual copies will not be written back to the original copy.

If your application attempts to access any of these files directly it may have trouble finding them as the virtual file path will likely be different than the path your application expects.

For 64 bit Windows 7
- 64 bit Windows 7 does NOT directly support running 16 bit Windows applications.
  Therefore, it will not run Visual dBASE 5.7 unless you install and use the Windows XP Virtual PC add-on available with some versions of Windows 7.

We are working on extensive UAC support for the next major release of dBASE Plus.