BDE Administrator 5.10 Help | About shows "5.01"

Q: When clicking on Help, then selecting About, in BDE Administrator version 5.10, the version shown is 5.01.  Why?

A: When Borland released the 5.10 version of the BDE, they did not recompile the BDE Administrator.  Therefore the BDE Administrator still indicates that it is version 5.01.  [This information per Borland's web site at,1410,10308,00.html]  However, from within Visual dBASE 7.5 you can check the date of the BDE being used by one of two methods:

1) Click on Help | About from within the Visual dBASE 7.5 IDE, and look at the "BDE" line.  BDE 5.10 shows a date of "6/21/1999."

2) In the Command window, give the command:

 ? version(.89)

The value returned is:

BDE version: 06/21/1999

for BDE version 5.10.