Converting Visual dBASE 5.x Forms to Visual dBASE 7.x with Minimal Trouble

The following is a simple and mostly foolproof method of converting your Visual dBASE 5.x (5.5, 5.6, or 5.7) forms to Visual dBASE 7.x (7.0, 7.01, 7.5 ...):

There are really two methods, the first is simple, but if you have a lot of forms in your application, you may find it easier to use the second method shown.

Before doing either, open the VDB.INI file in your Visual dBASE 7.x BIN folder, and add the entry below, or simply modify it if necessary:

Controls=MS Sans Serif,9

Save the .INI file.


Before opening the forms in the form designer, edit each form in the source code editor, and add the following:

   this.scaleFontName = "News Gothic"
   this.scaleFontBold = .F.
   this.scaleFontSize = 7

Open each form in the designer in Visual dBASE 7.x, and then save them again -- this will save them with the appropriate changes to the source code (however, once you do this, the forms will not be useable in Visual dBASE 5.x again).


If you are already using a custom form for your application, simply ensure that this form has the font definitions show in method 1 in the constructor code.

If you are *not* using a custom form, then you should create one. One way to do this is to simply copy the following code to a file called "MYCUST.CFM":

   this.Text = "Form"
   this.Left = 53.5
   this.Top = 0
   this.Height = 20
   this.Width = 60
   this.scaleFontBold = .F.
   this.scaleFontName = "News Gothic"
   this.scaleFontSize = 7

Save this file. For each of your FORM files, open them in the source editor, and change the CLASS statement, so that it reads:

      ("testform" is the name of your form -- make sure it is the same as it was before)

Then, open each form in the forms designer. You should see, as with method 1, your forms appearing as they did in Visual dBASE 5.x.