Crystal Reports (Visual dBASE 5.x) Cannot Find Resource DLL

Problem 1: One possible problem is that you are running a compiled .EXE, but have not deployed it ... the error is usually:

Report writer has not been installed.

Solution: If this is the case, then make sure you have a .INI file for your application, and that the following entries are in it:


Problem 2: The following error message occurs when attempting to create a report or run a report:

Crystal Reports Print Engine
Error message  Cannot find resource DLL

Solution: The solution to this is not obvious. First, the .DLL that Crystal cannot find is not actually named RESOURCE.DLL -- that's a dBASE .DLL file. The file it is looking for is either CRPE.DLL or CRWRES.DLL, which are in the "Crystal" folder. Making copies of "RESOURCE.DLL" and copying them to the "Crystal" folder will do no good.

The actual solution (which comes from one of dBASE, Inc.'s dBVIPS) is:

This error message is caused by the failure of the OEM build of Win95/98 to install all of it's components when going through a default install at the dealer.  Specifically there are missing .DLLs related to OLE (not sure which ones) that cause this message.  The simple solution is to do a re-install of Win95 (or Win98) from the original CD with all of the system components selected.