Default values in DBF7 tables

Q: On a new DBF7 table I have a date field. I attempted to set a default value by entering TODAY as suggested by the on-line help. I was told that the month was invalid (while still in the designer).  (I use the European dating system.)  I reassigned the field as Timestamp.  I entered the value NOW (as per OLH). The table accepts this, but when saved, and opened and "Add row" activated the date I see is:

19/10/9999 23:59:59

(Actual date/time was 29th Oct, 1999 13.10)

Is the default TODAY/NOW setting only valid for US dates? Is it built into Visual dBASE and not read from the Windows settings? Is there an alternative at table level for us on the eastern side of the Atlantic?

A: TODAY and NOW only work as defaults for DB (Paradox) tables in Visual dBASE 7.01, which is the second "native" table format supported by dBASE.  This discrepancy has been corrected in the 7.5 release.