Using Visual dBASE in Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe

In order to use TrueType fonts in European countries which do not use the Western Europe code page (1252), you must specify the language (also refered to as the "script"). Since Visual dBASE does not list available language scripts for TrueType fonts, you must specify it in the fontName property--either in code or through the Inspector--using the exact TrueType font name. To do it through the Inspector, for example, choose a text component, choose the fontName property in the Inspector, and, instead of choosing from available fonts on the list, type in the name of the language script. We recommend all languages be entered in English, e.g.:

The following VDB.INI file settings ensure that the initial font created for a new control uses the language you want:


The Application setting specifies the font used for the Navigator and Inspector, while the Controls setting specifies the default font used for forms and controls. You can also create your own custom controls to specify the font and language you want to use.