Internal Error -- Invalid Bytecode

Problem: When running a Compiled application, one of these errors occurs:



Warning Invalid PRO / FMO file

Resolution: In either case, the error is caused by the same thing -- a different version of dBASE than the one used to compile the application. This means either a new dBASE with an old EXE or vice versa.

When you upgraded your version of Visual dBASE, you need to either recompile your application, or ensure that all of your forms, programs and other code files (this includes queries and custom controls among other files) have been recompiled using the new version of Visual dBASE.

Visual dBASE 5.6:

In the case of Visual dBASE 5.6, if you previously compiled and deployed an application using Visual dBASE 5.5, and then rebuilt the application in Visual dBASE 5.6 and re-deployed it, the file DB55RUN.EXE needs to be manually copied into the location your application is deployed to (this is due to a minor error in the header of this file, the deployer does not recognize it as a more recent version of the file).

Visual dBASE 5.7

In this case, the deployer should handle the update correctly.

Visual dBASE 7.01

The file VDB7RUN.EXE is stored in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, and needs to be manually updated (similar problem as Visual dBASE 5.6).

Files that need to be recompiled: Any file that has a letter "O" at the end of the file extension (.PRO for example) should be erased, except for .ICO which is an icon file. Check for custom control files (.CO), and custom forms (.CFO), and so on. If you are using Visual dBASE 7.01, the option to "Rebuild All" should resolve this issue, as it will recompile all compilable files.