Label Templates in Visual dBASE 7.x

Question: Using the label templates for mailing labels does not always get the correct number of columns and/or labels per page.

Answer: This is a minor rounding error. Labels are defined in the LABE0009.DB table in the Visual dBASE\Designer\Label directory. Because the dimensions are stored in Double fields in a Paradox table (the .DB extension tells us this is a Paradox table), you will need to create a form to display the contents correctly. Use the Wizard for this table. Then set the picture property of the numeric fields (except the Metric) to something like "999.9999".

If you look at the label definition for the Avery 5163 labels, the LabelWidth is 4, the left and right margin is .16 and the HorizontalGap is .19. This means that for two labels to fit, the page would have to be (.16+4+.19+4+.16=) 8.51 inches. Of course, the paperWidth is defined as 8.5, so the Wizard figures only one column will fit.

You can fix this any number of ways, one easy one is to make the RightMargin .15. Then two columns will be generated.

The same can be done with any other of the label definitions.