How To Test for Different Language .DLLs in Visual dBASE (5.x and 7.x)

Open the DBASEWIN.INI (5.x) or VDB.INI (7.x) file in any editor. Find the section: [CommandSettings].  Add the following:

; 09 (default)=English
; 07=German
; 10=Italian
; 0c=French
; 0a=Spanish

Uncomment (remove the semicolon) from the "language=" line, and replace the digits to the right with the needed version. The French and Spanish .DLLs use zero and the letter 'c' or the letter 'a' ... Example:


for Spanish ...

When you start dBASE, it should come up in that language.

To test a compiled application, you need to create the .EXE inside dBASE with the language set as shown above ... to test the .EXE, you may want to create a short .INI file with the same name as the executable, i.e.,   TESTFR.EXE would have a .INI file named   TESTFR.INI

The contents of the .INI file would be the [CommandSettings] heading, and the language= line with the correct language, hence: