Using Access 97 files

Q: Dan Howard showed me a nice solution for getting data out of Access files.  It concerned opening the Access table and copying to dBASE table.  Only problem is, I can't open the Access tables.  I moved the Access files to a directory called Cars97.  I opened BDE administrator and set up an Alias, Cars97, set the path to c:\Cars97, set default driver to dBASE and tried the following:

OPEN DATABASE Cars97        // Worked!

SET DATABASE TO Cars97      // Seemed to work

USE ?                       // no tables shown.

Also looked in inspector and see no tables.  Can someone see what dumb thing I am missing?

A:  If these are *ACCESS* tables, the driver should be set to MSACCESS.  When you tell the BDE Administrator that you are setting up a new alias, the first thing that happens is you get a dialog with a combobox which defaults to "Standard" -- select MSACCESS from it instead.  The MSACCESS driver also requires a file name, not just a directory specification.