dBASE PLUS 10 features

Unleash your Applications

New and Updated Components

NEW - GridEX (dGrid™); dBase found and integrated a very powerful Grid component late in the development cycle and was able to get the base functionality in place.  However, the new GridEx has a great deal more potential, but we want to work with the dBASE user community to help decide the most critical features that need to be implemented. 

This brand new native data-aware modern grid component allows for advanced displays of data.  GridEX introduces a new concept in data display called lenses, which allow for more advanced control over the data in a cell and how it is represented.  There will be a recommendation poll published after the release to help define the focus of future releases of the grid.

NEW - ListView; is a brand new native data-aware dBASE component designed for efficient display of vertically scrolling lists of changing data.

Upgraded – Grid; we have added some small enhancements to the current Grid found inside dBASE.  Things like highlighting the current cell focus and other cosmetic wants by the user community.


Application Execution

NEW: Embedded Runtime; one of the most requested features over the past 20 years, the product now allows developers to “embed” the dBASE Runtime into a single executable (.exe).  This allows users to deploy dBASE applications without having to ship the runtime files.  BDE libraries/files are still needed when using dBASE, Paradox, or ODBC access to tables.  ADO does not require the BDE!


NEW:  BDE  Only installer; this highly requested features allows for ultimate control over the install process when using Project Explorer.  Use the Embedded Runtime with or without the BDE, all can be done with a click of the mouse.

Updated: Compiler; there has been extensive work on the underlying compiler for dBASE PLUS 10, it offers expanded in-memory compilation tables that remove the slow cache table system from before and adds massive extensibility to the optimized code generation.  In some recompiled applications, there has been as much as a 30% increase in overall execution speed.  The new compiler, while faster, does produce larger executables because of the additional size of the data elements layout.


Updated: Resource handling; dBASE now allows developers to pull additional resources out of a resource.dll for better portability and eased of deployment.  By adding the /png to the command dBASE now has the ability to pull .png graphic from a resource dll, which adds significant upgrade to .bmp in size and quality.  In addition, these resources also handle the Alpha color channel properly and work great with the new Resource Libraries included in the product.



NEW dBugger™; this new debugger now adds the same look and feel of dBASE, plus includes the same editor that dBASE uses for better productivity and ease of use.  The new dBugger™ 1.0 adds a new communications channel between dBASE and the dBugger™ to allow for faster execution during debugging and removing many of the deadlock situations that occurred in the older debugger.  In addition, it also introduces the new fly-by inspection feature that allows for fast variable and object inspection.  It is also being compiled with the same compiler as the dBASE product thus making it much more stable over prior included debuggers.  It also introduced better window handling for Watches, Variables, Trace, and Call Stack operations.



New Image Editor; the Navigator now includes a built-in advanced Image Editor called Fotografix.  This open source product will allow users to modify existing images or create new images to be used inside their dBASE PLUS 10 creations.  If you already have an Image Editor defined in Windows, no problem, dBASE will use it instead but still give you the option to use Fotografix for advanced image processing whenever it is needed.



Updated dComplete™ 2.0; has been completely updated to support more dBASE specific coding structures.  It now supports more commands in the command window, better filtering inside the code editor, and a more complete listing of objects, methods, and events.



Royalty-FREE Images

New Image Resource Libraries; these new libraries are based off of the open source Google Modern application specification and are open source and royalty-free for use in your internal and external applications.  They have been conveniently located in easy to use Resource dll(s) for ease of deployment.


Help System Updates

dBASE™ PLUS 10 Help; now includes integrated Web help.  This makes it easier to find crucial information in a timely manner.  The help system has also been updated with the latest material on getting the most out of the latest release of dBASE!


Bug fixes; dBASE PLUS 10 is built on the quality of dBASE PLUS 9.5.1 and has continued to fix known bugs, and add, update, and replace features to make the product easier to use and give the users the ability to build cutting-edge Windows® based data-aware applications.