Returns the numeric value of a specified hexadecimal number.




The hexadecimal number whose numeric value to return.


Use HTOI( ) to convert a string containing a hexadecimal number to its numeric value (in decimal). For example, you might allow the input of a hexadecimal number. This input would have to go into a string because the hexadecimal digits A through F are considered characters. To use the hexadecimal number, you would have to convert the hexadecimal string into its numeric value.

HTOI( ) will attempt to convert a hexadecimal number of any magnitude; it is not limited to 32 bits (8 hexadecimal digits).

You may specify literal hexadecimal numbers by preceding them with 0x; HTOI( ) is not necessary. For example, 0x64 and HTOI("64") result in the same number: 100 decimal.