Returns true if the object reference passed in to it refers to an object that is part of a superclass, otherwise, the isInherited( ) method returns false.


<oRef1>.isInherited(<oRef2> )


An object reference to a designer object


An object reference to an object contained within the Form, Report, or Datamodule currently loaded into the designer object (oRef1).

Property of



Use the isInherited( ) method to programatically enforce rules of inheritance, such as deleting an inherited Query object from a subclassed dataModule

Take the case of a dataModule (dmd2), subclassed from another dataModule (dmd1), containing Query object 1 and Query object 2, and currently being designed in dQuery.

If Query object 1, currently containted in dmd2, was inherited from its superclass, dmd1, you would not be able to remove it (delete it) from the dataModule dmd2. Should a user attempt such a delete, the isInherited( ) method would determine that:

In the current designer // dQuery (<oRef1>)

An object // Query object 1 (<oRef2>)

Was inherited from a superClass // (dmd1)

The isInherited( ) method would return true, and the removal of Query object 1 could be disallowed.