Assigns new values to an objectís properties.


REDEFINE <class name> <object name>
[OF <container object>]
[FROM <row, col> TO <row, col> > | <AT <row, col>]
[PROPERTY <changed property list>]
[CUSTOM <new property list>]

<class name>

The class of the object you want to redefine.

<object name>

The identifier for the object you want to modify. <object name> is either an object reference variable, or a named property of the container if a <containter object> is specified.

OF <container object>

Identifies the object that contains the object you want to redefine.

FROM <row>, <col> TO <row>, <col> | AT <row>, <col>

Specifies the new location and size of the object within its container. FROM and TO specify the upper left and lower right coordinates of the object, respectively. AT specifies the position of the upper left corner.

PROPERTY <changed property list>

Specifies new values you assign to the existing properties of the object.

CUSTOM <new property list>

Specifies new properties you create for the object and the values you assign to them.


Use REDEFINE to assign new values to the properties of an existing object.

While the REDEFINE syntax offers some amenities (like DEFINE), it is not as flexible as assigning values in a WITH block. In particular, with REDEFINE you cannot assign values to the elements of properties that are arrays.