Adds a password to the sessionís password list for DB table security.




The session you want to receive the password.


The password string.

Property of



DB table security is based on password lists. If you know a password, you have access to all the files that use that password. There is no matching between a user name and password. The access level for each file may be different for the same password.

Password lists are session-based. Once a password has been added to a session, it will continue to be tried for all encrypted tables. All queries assigned to the same session in their session property use the same password list. If you attempt to open an encrypted table and there is no valid password that gives access to that table in the list, you will be prompted for the password. Responding with a password adds it to the list.

The addPassword(†) method allows you add passwords directly to the sessionís password list. You can do this if you want to add a default password, so that users wonít be prompted, or if youíre writing your own custom login form, and need to add the password to the session.