Adds rows from one rowset or table to another.


<oRef>.append( )


The UpdateSet object that describes the append.

Property of



Use append(†) to add rows from a source rowset or table to an existing destination rowset or table. If there is no primary key in the destination, the rows from the source are always added. If there is a primary key in the destination, rows with keys that already exist in the destination will be copied to the table specified by the UpdateSet objectís keyViolationTableName property instead.

To update rows with the same primary key in the destination, use the appendUpdate(†) method. To move data to a new table instead of an existing table or rowset, use the copy(†) method.

When appending multiple rows, be sure the destination and source table structures are exact matches. If the table structures are not exact matches, append( ) will terminate when it encounters the discrepency.