Checks if a given bookmark matches the current row, or if two bookmarks refer to the same row.


<oRef>.bookmarksEqual(<bookmark1> [, <bookmark2>])


The rowset in which to check the bookmark(s).


The bookmark to check against the current row in the rowset, if only one bookmark is specified; or the first of two bookmarks to compare.


The second of two bookmarks to compare.

Property of



Use bookmarksEqual( ) to check a bookmark against the current row, without having to first use bookmark( ) to get a bookmark for the current row. If the bookmark refers to the current row, bookmarksEqual( ) returns true; if not it returns false. You may also use bookmarksEqual( ) to compare two bookmarks to see if they refer to the same row; the equality operators (= and ==) may also be used to compare two bookmarks.

The bookmark uses the current index represented by the indexName property, if any. The same physical row in the table returns different bookmarks when different indexes are in effect. When checking a bookmark against the current row, the rowset must be in the same index order as the bookmark; otherwise bookmarksEqual( ) will return false. When comparing two bookmarks, they must have been taken when the same index was in effect; if not, they will not match.