Specifies whether updates to a rowset will be constrained by the WHERE clause of the query’s SQL SELECT command. Applies to Standard tables only.

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When constrained is set to true, any time a row is saved, if the query’s SQL SELECT statement—which was stored in the sql property and used to generate the rowset—contains a WHERE clause, the newly saved row is evaluated against the WHERE clause. If the row no longer matches the condition set by the WHERE clause, the row is considered to be out-of-set, and the row cursor moves to the next row in the set, or to the end-of-set if already at the last row.

This property applies only to Standard tables and defaults to false, which means that the SQL SELECT statement is used only to generate the rowset, not to actively constrain it. By setting the constrained property to true, Standard tables behave more like SQL-server based tables, which always constrain rows according to the WHERE clause.