Copies a rowset or table to a new table.


<oRef>.copy( )


The UpdateSet object that describes the copy.

Property of



Use the UpdateSet's copy( ) method copy a rowset to a new table in the same database, or to a new table in a different database.

The source and destination properties specify what to copy and where to copy it. Because you can use a rowset as a source, you can copy only part of a table by selecting only those rows you want to copy for the rowset. When using a table name as a destination, that table is created, or overwritten if it already exists. To convert from one table type to another, create a rowset of the desired result type and assign it to the destination property.

Note: Existing tables used as a destination will be overwritten without warning, regardless of the SET SAFETY setting.

To copy all of the rows from a single table in a database to another new table in the same database, use the Database’s copyTable( ) method.