Determines how values are matched for filtering.

Property of



The filterOptions property is an enumerated property that controls how the value properties in the field objects entered during Filter mode are matched against the values in the table. These are the options:




Match length and case


Match partial length


Ignore case


Match partial length and ignore case

When matching partial length, the entire search value must match all or part of the value in the table, starting at the beginning of the field. For example, searching for "Central Park", will match "Central Park West", but "West" alone would not.

filterOptions also determines how fields are matched when specifying an SQL expression in the filter property.

The filterOptions property takes effect when you assign the SQL expression to the filter property or call applyFilter( ). Changing filterOptions after activating the filter has no effect (until you change the filter).

The default setting for filterOptions is "Match length and case".