Moves the row cursor to a specific row in the rowset.




The rowset in which you want to move the row cursor.


The bookmark you want to move to.

Property of



Call goto( ) to move the row cursor to a specific row in the rowset. Store the current row position in a bookmark with the bookmark( ) method. Then you can return to that row later by calling goto( ) with that bookmark as long as the rowset has remained open. If the rowset has been closed, the bookmark is not guaranteed to return you to the correct row, since the table may have changed.

The bookmark uses the current index represented by the indexName property, if any. The same physical row in the table returns different bookmarks when different indexes are in effect. When you goto( ) a bookmark, the index that was in effect when the bookmark was returned is automatically activated.

If you attempt to goto( ) a row that is out-of-set, you will generate an error.

As a navigation method, goto( ) interacts with canNavigate, onNavigate, and implicit saves. For more information, see next( ).