The name of the index to use in the rowset.

Property of

Dbfindex, Index, Rowset


indexName contains the name of the active controlling index tag for those table types that support index tags. It is set automatically when the query is activated to represent the tag used in the SQL SELECTís ORDER BY clause, if the ORDER BY is satisfied by an index. Assigning a new value to indexName supersedes any ORDER BY designated in the SQL SELECT statement.

For tables with primary keys, a blank indexName indicates that the primary key is the controlling index.

The index tag is also used in a master-detail link. The index tag of the detail rowset must match the field or fields specified in the masterFields property.

When specifying an indexName for data in a report, be sure to set the reportís autoSort property to false to prevent the report from modifying the SQL statement. The modified SQL statement may generate a temporary result set that has no indexes; attempting to designate an indexName would cause an error.