The currently active database alias, or BDE alias, from which to obtain login credentials (user id and password) to be used in activating an additional connection to a database.

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The loginDBAlias property can be used to setup additional connections to a database without having to prompt the user each time for login credentials.

The default value for the loginDBAlias property is an empty string.

Using the loginDBAlias property

  1. Create a database object.

  2. Set the databaseName property of the new database object to the appropriate database alias.

  3. From an already active database object, assign the value from its databaseName property to the new database object's loginDBAlias property.

  4. Set active to true on the new database object.

When activating the new database object, dBASE will lookup the user id and password used to login to the already active database object and submit them to the database engine in the same way it submits a loginString.

If the user id and password are valid, the user will not be prompted to enter any login credentials for the new database object.