Logs in user to DBF table security for a session.


<oRef>.login(<group name expC>, <user name expC>, <password expC>)


The session to log into.

<group name expC>

The group name.

<user name expC>

The user name.

<password expC>

The password.

Property of



DBF table security is session-based. All queries assigned to the same session in their session property have the same access level.

If someone attempts to open an encrypted table and has not logged in to the session, they will be prompted for the group name, user name, and password. Responding attempts to log the user into the session.

The login( ) method allows you to log in to the session directly. You can do this if you’re assigning a default access level, so that users won’t be prompted; or if you’re writing your own custom login form, in which case you will need to call login( ) with the returned values.

login( ) returns true or false to indicate whether the login was successful.