The type of lookup used by a DB (Paradox) field.

Property of



lookupType specifies the type of lookup used to assist in the filling in of the field represented by the PdxField object. It is an enumated property that can have one of the following values:




No lookup


Lookup field only, no help


Lookup and fill all corresponding fields, no help


Lookup field only, with help


Lookup and fill all corresponding fields, with help


dBASE Plus does not support the user interface required for Paradox lookup help. Also, validity checking is not performed whenever all corresponding fields are filled; this is so that (in Paradox) you can substitute the field value with the value of a same-named field in the lookup table that is not the lookup field.

Therefore, the only support for Paradox lookups in dBASE Plus is for validity checking; to make sure the value stored in the field is listed in the lookup field in the lookup table, and only when lookupType is set to 1 or 3. For example, a Customer ID field in an Orders table can check that the Customer ID is listed in the Customer table. An attempt to store an unlisted value in the field results in a database engine-level exception.

Consider using the automatic lookup provided by lookupSQL and lookupRowset instead.