A flag to indicate whether the current row has been modified.

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The modified property indicates whether the current row has been modified. It is automatically set to true whenever the value of any Field object is changed, either directly by assignment, or indirectly through a dataLinked control.

If modified is true, then an attempt to save the row is made if there is navigation off the row or a state switch in the rowset. If modified is false, then this implicit save is not attempted.

modified is set to false whenever a row is read into the row buffer after navigating to it, is refreshed by refreshRow( ) or refresh( ), or is saved. You may also set the modified property to true or false manually. For example, you can set modified to false after assigning some value properties during an onAppend event. This makes the values you filled in default values, and the row will not be automatically saved if the user does not add more information.

In addition to tracking changes during normal data entry, the modified property is also set to true during Filter and Locate modes. This allows you to determine if any criteria have been specified before attempting an applyFilter( ) or applyLocate( ). When in either of these modes, navigation cancels the mode and moves the row cursor relative to the last row position, but no save is attempted, even if modified is true.