Event fired after successful navigation in a rowset.


<method expN>

Numeric value that indicates which method was called to fire the event:




next( )


first( )


last( )


All other navigation

<rows expN>

Number of rows next( ) method was called with. Zero if next( ) was not used.

Property of



Navigation in a rowset may occur explicitly by calling a navigation method like next( ) or goto( ), or implicitly via the user interface by choosing a navigation option from the default Table menu or toolbar while viewing a rowset. While canNavigate fires first before the row cursor has moved to see if the navigation actually takes place, onNavigate fires after the row position has settled on the desired row or end-of-set.

Because onNavigate fires when moving to the end-of-set and you cannot access field values when you’re at the end-of-set, you may want to test the rowset’s endOfSet property before you attempt to access field values in your onNavigate handler.

You can use onNavigate to update non-dataLinked controls or calculated fields. In that case, you may want to call your onNavigate handler from the onOpen event as well, so that these objects are up-to-date when the rowset first opens.

When navigation occurs because a row has been abandoned or deleted, onNavigate does not fire. Call the onNavigate event handler from the onAbandon and onDelete event handler.