The name of the stored procedure to call.

Property of



Set the procedureName property to the name of the procedure to call. The Borland Database Engine will try to get the names and types of any parameters needed by the stored procedure.

The following databases return complete parameter name and type information:



ODBC, if the particular ODBC driver provides it

The following databases return the parameter name but not the type:

Microsoft SQL Server


The following database does not return any parameter information:


If the BDE can get the parameter names, the params array is filled automatically with the corresponding Parameter objects. You must then assign the values to substitute to the value property of those objects.

For SQL servers that do not return the necessary stored procedure information, include the parameters, preceded with colons, in parentheses after the procedure name. Empty Parameter objects will be created.

If the type of the parameter or the data type of the value for output parameters is not provided automatically, it must be set before calling the stored procedure, in addition to any input values.