Copies the contents of a file into a BLOB field.


<oRef>.replaceFromFile(<file name expC> [,<append expL>])


The BLOB field you want to copy into.

<file name expC>

The name of the file you want to copy.

<append expL>

Whether to append the new data or overwrite.

Property of



replaceFromFile( ) copies the contents of the named file into the specified BLOB field.

By specifying <append expL> as true, the contents of the file are added to the end of the current contents of the BLOB field. If the parameter is specified as false or left out, the BLOB field will be overwritten and end up containing only the contents of the file.

If you don't include an extension for <file name expC>, dBASE Plus assigns a .TXT extension. If you don't wish to pass a file extension, follow <file name expC> with a dot.