Returns the current logical row number in the rowset.


<oRef>.rowno( )


The rowset containing the current row.

Property of



rowNo( ) returns the current logical row number in the rowset, if known. The logical row number is the relative row number, using the rowset's current index and filter conditions. The first row is row number 1 and the last row is equal to the number of rows in the current rowset.

In some cases, for example scrolling with the scrollbar in a grid to an arbitrary location and clicking on a row, the logical row number is not known, and would have to be calculated. In contrast, if you were to page down repeatedly to that same location, the row number is known, because it is updated as you move from page to page in the grid. When the row number is not known, rowNo( ) returns the value -1.


rowNo( ) is different from the function RECNO( ). RECNO( ) returns the physical record number of the current row in a DBF table, which never changes (unless the table is PACKed). rowNo( ) returns the logical row number; the same physical record will have a different logical row number, depending on the current index and filter.