Local SQL supports the following ANSI-standard SQL string manipulation functions for retrieval, insertion, and updating:

UPPER( ), to force a string to uppercase:


LOWER( ), to force a string to lowercase:


TRIM( ), to remove repetitions of a specified character from the left, right, or both sides of a string:


   <char> FROM <expC> )

SUBSTRING( ) to create a substring from a string:

 SUBSTRING(<expC> FROM <start expN> FOR <length expN>)

You may use the LIKE predicate for pattern matching in the WHERE clause:

WHERE <expC> LIKE <pattern expC> [ESCAPE <char>]

In <pattern expC>, the % (percent) character stands for zero or more wildcard characters, and the _ (underscore) stands for a single wildcard character. To include either special character as an actual pattern character, specify an ESCAPE character and precede the wildcard character with that escape character.

Enclose literal strings in single quotes. To specify a single quote in a literal string, use double single quotes.