Returns a substring derived from a specified character string.


<expC>.substring(<index1 expN>, <index2 expN>)


The string you want to extract characters from.

<index1 expN>, <index2 expnN>

Indexes into the string, which is indexed from left to right. The first character of the string is at index 0 and the last character is at index <expC>.length 1.

Property of



This method is similar to the SUBSTR() function, but in addition to the syntactic difference of being a method instead of a function and the fact that the position is zero-based, the method takes a starting and ending position, while the function takes a start position and the number of character to extract.

<index1 expN> and <index2 expN> determine the position of the substring to extract. substring() begins at the lesser of the two indexes and extracts up to the character before the other index. If the two indexes are the same, substring() returns an empty string.

If the starting index is after the last character in the string, substring() returns an empty string.