Returns the predefined type number of a specified binary field.


BINTYPE([<field name>])

<field name>

The name of a field in the current table.


BINTYPE() returns the predefined binary type number of a binary field in the current table. Using this command, you can determine the type of data stored in the field. The values returned by BINTYPE() are the following:

Predefined binary type numbers


1 to 32K 1 (1 to 32,767)

User-defined file types

32K (32,768)

.WAV files

32K + 1 (32,769)

.BMP and .PCX files

BINTYPE() returns an error if a non-binary field is specified. It returns a value of 0 if the binary field is empty.


No direct equivalent. You may be able to ascertain the data type by examining the data in the value of the Field object.