Returns true if another user has changed a record since it was read from disk.




The work area you want to check.


Use CHANGE( ) to determine if another user has made changes to a record since it was read from disk. If the record has been changed, you might want to display a message to the user before allowing the user to continue.


CHANGE( ) only works with DBF tables.

For CHANGE( ) to return information, the table being checked must have a _DBASELOCK field. Use CONVERT to add a _DBASELOCK field to a table. If the table doesn't contain a _DBASELOCK field, CHANGE( ) returns false

CHANGE( ) compares the counter in the workstation's memory image of _DBASELOCK to the counter stored on disk. If they are different, the record has changed, and CHANGE( ) returns true.

You can reset the value of CHANGE( ) to false by moving the record pointer. GOTO BOOKMARK( ) rereads the current record's _DBASELOCK field, and a subsequent CHANGE( ) returns false, unless another user has changed the record in the interim between moving to it and issuing CHANGE( ).


Call rowset.fields[ "_DBASELOCK" ].update