Continues a search for the next record that meets the conditions specified in a previously issued LOCATE command.




CONTINUE continues the search of the last LOCATE issued in the selected work area. When you issue the LOCATE command, the current table is searched sequentially for the first record that matches the search criteria.

If a record is found, the record pointer is left at the matching record. To continue the search, issue the CONTINUE command. Whenever a match is found, FOUND( ) returns true. If match is not found, the record pointer is left after the last record checked, which usually leaves it at the end-of-file. Also, FOUND( ) returns false.

If SET TALK is ON, CONTINUE will display the record number of the matching record in the result pane of the Command window if you are searching a DBF table. If no match is found, CONTINUE will display "End of Locate scope".

If you issue CONTINUE without first issuing a LOCATE command for the current table, an error occurs..


Use the Rowset objectís locateNext(†) method. This method also allows going backwards or to the nth match.