Creates an empty table with the same structure as the current table.


[FIELDS <field list>]


The name of the table you want to create.


Specifies the type of table you want to create, if <filename> does not include an extension. This option overrides the current SET DBTYPE setting. The TYPE keyword is included for readability only; it has no effect on the operation of the command.

FIELDS <field list>

Determines which fields dBASE Plus includes in the structure of the new table. The fields appear in the order specified by <field list>.


Creates a production .MDX file for the new table. The new index file has the same index tags as the production index file associated with the original table.


The COPY STRUCTURE command copies the structure of the current table but does not copy any records. If SET SAFETY is OFF, dBASE Plus overwrites any existing tables of the same name without issuing a warning message.

The COPY STRUCTURE command copies the entire table structure unless limited by the FIELDS option or the SET FIELDS command. When you issue COPY STRUCTURE without the FIELDS <field list> option, dBASE Plus copies the fields in the SET FIELDS TO list to the new table. The _DBASELOCK field created with the CONVERT command is not copied to new tables.

You can use COPY STRUCTURE to create an empty table structure with fields from more than one table. To do so,

  1. Open the source tables in different work areas.


No equivalent.