Creates a table with the structure defined by using the COPY STRUCTURE EXTENDED or CREATE...STRUCTURE EXTENDED commands.


CREATE <filename 1>
FROM <filename 2>

<filename 1>

The name of the table you want to create.


Specifies the type of table you want to create, if <filename> does not include an extension. This option overrides the current SET DBTYPE setting. The TYPE keyword is included for readability only; it has no effect on the operation of the command.

FROM <filename 2>

Identifies the table that contains the structure of the table you want to create.


The CREATE...FROM command is most often used with the COPY STRUCTURE EXTENDED command in a program to create a new table from another table that defines its structure, instead of using the interactive CREATE or MODIFY STRUCTURE commands. To do this, you can

  1. Use COPY STRUCTURE EXTENDED to create a table whose records provide information on each field of the original table.

The table created with CREATE...FROM becomes the current table in the currently selected work area. If the CREATE...FROM operation fails for any reason, no table remains open in the current work area.

If any fields in the table created with COPY STRUCTURE EXTENDED have index flag fields set, CREATE...FROM also creates a production .MDX file with the specified index tags.


No equivalent.