Deletes index tags from tables.


DELETE TAG <tag name 1>
  [OF <filename 1>]
[, <tag name 2>
  [OF <filename 2>]...]

<tag name 1>, <tag name 2>, ... <tag name n>

The index tag names to delete.

OF <filename 1> | ? | <filename skeleton 1>

For DBF tables, specifies the .MDX file containing the tag name to delete. If you specify a file without including an extension, dBASE Plus assumes an .MDX extension. If you don't specify an index file, dBASE Plus assumes the index tag you want to delete is in the index file with the same name as the current table.


Use DELETE TAG to delete index tags from .MDX files for dBASE tables or secondary indexes on a Paradox table. dBASE Plus allows a maximum of 47 index tags in a single .MDX file, so deleting unneeded tags frees slots for new tags as well as reducing the amount of disk space and memory that an .MDX file requires.

For dBASE tables, the .MDX file must be open when you delete the tags. If you delete all tags in an .MDX file, the .MDX file is also deleted. If you delete the production .MDX file by deleting all index tags, the table file header is updated to indicate there is no longer a production index associated with the table.

The table associated with the indexes you want to delete must be opened in exclusive mode. When accessing a Paradox table, specifying DELETE TAG without an argument deletes the primary index.


Use the Database objectís dropIndex(†) method.