Returns the number of lines in a memo field.


MEMLINES(<memo field> [,<line length expN>])

<memo field>

The memo field the MEMLINES( ) function operates on.

<line length expN>

Specifies the line length used in calculating the number of lines in a memo field. <expN> can be set to any number from 8 to 255. If <expN> is not specified, MEMLINES( ) calculates each line using the memo width specified using the SET MEMOWIDTH command.


The MEMLINES( ) function returns the number of lines in a memo field based on the memo width specified by the line length parameter. If you don't specify a line length, MEMLINES( ) uses the width specified by SET MEMOWIDTH, which defaults to 50.

If a word doesn't completely fit within the remainder of a line, MEMLINES( ) wraps that word and everything on the line following it to the beginning of the next line. If the number of characters in a word is longer than the default or specified memo field line length, MEMLINES( ) truncates the word at the end of the line and includes the remainder of the word at the beginning of the next line.

A carriage return/line feed combination in the memo text always starts a new line. Note that if the carriage return/line feed is at the end of the memo field contents, the empty blank line that follows it is counted in the total line count.


No equivalent. You cannot accurately determine the amount of text that can fit on a line when using proportional fonts.