Extracts a specified line of text from a memo field in the current record.


MLINE(<memo field> [, <line number expN > [, <line length expN>]])

<memo field>

The memo field the MLINE( ) function operates on.

<line number expN >

The number of the line in the memo field returned by the MLINE( ) function. The default for <line number expN> is 1, the first line.

<line length expN >

The number that determines the length of a line in the memo field. <line length expN> can be set to any number from 8 to 255. If <line length expN> is not set, the SET MEMOWIDTH setting specifies the length of the line.


MLINE( ) returns a specified line of text from a memo field. MLINE( ) treats the text of the memo field as if it were wordwrapped within a display width specified by the SET MEMOWIDTH setting or by <line length expN>.

If a word doesn't completely fit within the remainder of a line, MLINE( ) wraps that word and everything on the line following it to the beginning of the next line. If the number of characters in a word is longer than the default or specified memo field line length, MLINE( ) truncates the word at the end of the line and includes the remainder of the word at the beginning of the next line.


No equivalent.