Returns the names of a DBF table’s open .NDX files.


NDX([<ndx expN> [, <alias>]])

<ndx expN>

A number indicating which open .NDX file whose name to return.


The work area you want to check.


NDX( ) returns the name of the .NDX file open in the current or specified work area. .NDX files are numbered in the order in which they were opened. The first one is number 1.

If <ndx expN> is omitted, the name of the .NDX file containing the current master index tag is returned.

NDX( ) includes the drive letter (and colon) in the filename. If SET FULLPATH is ON, NDX( ) also returns the directory location of the .NDX file in addition to the drive and name.

If <ndx expN> is higher than the number of open .NDX files, or if you do not specify an index order number and the master index is an index tag in an .MDX file, NDX( ) returns an empty string ("").


No equivalent.